The Expendable One, Volume 1

The Expendable One

Twigs Dupree was just your average, everyday forgotten townie a few months ago, but things changed for the shaggy headed has-been when he accidentally injected himself with an experimental concoction that gave him the gift of immortality. Now along with his childhood friend Jerry, Twigs wages a war in the suburbs, playing part-time superhero with the help of a police scanner.  Things take an unexpected turn however when the sexy Agent Armstrong recruits Twigs for the FBI and asks him to take down a serial killer known as The Animal, a madman who some believe to be a werewolf, but who in reality is the head of a cult that will make David Koresh and his Branch Davidians look like the cast of Sesame Street.

Shoot him in the head and he’ll keep walking.  Strangle him with a wire and he’ll keep talking.  Send him up against a killer that views entrails as Christmas tinsel and for the first time since he got his powers, Twigs will wish he were dead.

Format: graphic novel / full color / 112 Pages / $11.95
By: (W) Jason M. Burns, (A) Bryan Baugh

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