The Middleman makes an A.V. Club’s Best of the Decade List

The pilot episode of The Middleman made the A.V Club’s “The best TV episodes of the decade (from shows not on any of our other lists)” list.

For a time, it seemed like all TV genre shows were cursed to be dark, brooding reflections on the cost of living in a society where death waits around every corner. While not perfect—or even the series’ best episode—the Middleman pilot got rid of those notions as quickly as possible, returning to the wacky tone of a ’50s serial, packed with shoddy special effects, stupid monsters, and pop-culture references galore. The series only lasted one season on a network (ABC Family) clearly wrong for it, but stars Matt Keeslar and Natalie Morales gave all they had to characters who felt, respectively, like an average Joe from the ’50s and a modern, directionless college girl. The Middleman wasn’t particularly deep, but it was super-fun.

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  1. Neal

    May 31, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    YES! I…am at a loss for words. This show is easily…bar none my favorite since…man, The Wonder Years. lol This show deserved a second season…it deserved to film its 13th episode and it deserves recognition. I’m happy to see there are people out there that see these fan niche forms of media for what they really are. Some of the rare good left in this money hungry, popularity driven world. MM did alot more than just fighting crime…and I pray Javier knows his idea is loved and enjoyed by thousands across the world. 😀