How to be a Serial Killer DVD Giveaway

Viper is giving away three copies of the recently released DVD, HOW TO BE A SERIAL KILLER. To be eligible, simply sign up for the Viper Newsletter, we’ll be selecting three winners at random on Friday, January 15. Many thanks goes out to our friends over at Monterey Media for providing the DVDs.

For more information on the movie check out the trailer here.

You can also read a free preview online for the prequel in the Viper published HOW TO BE A SERIAL KILLER one-shot.

About the Movie

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HOW TO BE A SERIAL KILLER is the story of Mike Wilson, a charismatic, educated, and articulate young man who has found his life’s purpose in exterminating people.  Mike is determined to spread his message about the joy of serial killing and recruits a lost soul named Bart to be his pupil. Mike leads Bart through the ethics of serial killing as well as teaching him various lessons in disposing corpses, balancing work and play, methods of killing, and many many more.  Mike and Barts curriculum is interrupted when Mikes girlfriend discovers what’s beneath her boyfriend’s charming exterior and Mike and Bart must kill their way out of being discovered by the cops.