Comics Is Like Making Donuts!

Welcome to the Viper Blog.  I want to start with an apology to Jim (my senior partner) since I tend to pester him with a million and one requests.  His email box tends to get flooded with so much stuff from me, and here lately I’ve been so pestering him for this blog your reading.  Thanks Jim.

Ok so I find myself now looking back and reflecting on all we do and ask myself why we publish.  And the answer is simple because we love it, we love the challenge of coming up with a new concept or finding the next project we can get behind and or just simply we love the creative aspect.  Its been the love of working on new fun concepts that keeps us pluggin forward. 

Now that being said Publishing is a tough business and over the last couple of years it has become even tougher and I’ve seen the landscape change quite a bit with new companies coming in and some dropping out.  So if its the big money your seeking or the huge rewards this is the wrong business to be in.  We put in alot of man hours and time to all we do.  There is just so much that goes into publishing that most people don’t see until they’ve either attempted to self publish or worked with a publishing company. But I’m not trying to discourage anyone just putting out the straight facts, we had no one warning us about all the sleepless nights, long days, working weekends, holidays.  Better yet to sum Viper Staff and all we do watch the following clip: