Why All Ages – Blinko Books

Ok so today I started to wonder what am I inspired by and what am I super jazzed about.


Viper’s all ages imprint.  So you ask yourself why all ages? and I’ll tell you thats a very good question.  All ages because I have an 8 year old who is my biggest fan, plus not to mention I just can’t help but remember many days while in elementary rushing home to catch the cartoons on tv.  Better yet I remember Saturday mornings when I’d get up early just to catch the Saturday Morning cartoons.   All ages content have something special in that its something both a parent can enjoy as well as the child.  All ages material taps into that inner innocence while allowing us to remember those days where my biggest worry was whether to play outside or stay inside and watch TV.  For us all ages content is something we want parents to experience with their children in which reading bedtime stories is cool, or just sitting reading a book.  I can’t tell you how many times my little one will come to me and say dad how about we go to the Half Price Book Store, and I’m all down for that…we love the store.   Well I’ll leave you with another video with a cartoon short that takes me a little back.

Anyone remember Fang Face (was part of Plastic Man Comedy show)