Webcomics Webcomics Webcomics!

Alright so here is something else we have coming up for the site.  Jim has been chipping away at the programming so we can add Webcomics to the site.  I will post couple of images from couple of titles in development here at the end of the blog as a sneak look at them.  We have several of them but couple are out with contracts pending back and Jim has 1 strip to approve which I am crossing fingers and toes he OK’s….PLEASE JIM PLEASE OK.. :)

So one of the biggest draw backs to Webcomics is how to you develop a way to monetize them so creators can see a return for their work? Many have attempted to sell AD space,  sell commission art, sell strips from the postings, and or join communities where your paid for how many people view your strip.  I feel this is one area that still has not provided a clear cut path for all those hard working creators.  I so wish I had the solution for this but as we move forward we also will explore avenues to provide web creators their way overdue respect in a monetized format.  For us best solution is put it out try to build a following then go to print. But as publication format  market grows smaller this is a clear indication that a new format needs to be discovered, its out there just no one has come up with it….this is the million dollar question.

Here are couple of projects we have in development for our webcomic community. Enjoy.