Is the Future of Comics Here?

The future of not just comic book publishing, but Publishing has arrived.  As technology advancements continue to move us forward the industry begins to evolve and transition us to a paperless society.  Thus the iPad has arrived.  The iPad will allow consumers to put together a digital library of books with a simple touch of the screen. 

This is a great opportunity for consumers and publishers to save money.  Consumers get a discount for buying a digital version and publishers save on production by not having to print the book.  With the iPad publishers can now explore publishing in digital format versus going straight to print.  Yes…Yes …I know you can do that now with iPhone, but this (iPad) really allows for the books to be seen as they were intended on a slightly larger screen rather then your phone.  The bigger screen provides a much better experience for the reader, more of the feeling intended from holding an actual comic or graphic novel.  The future of publishing is here.  Most of all provides another avenue for publishers and creators to place concept out for consumer consumption.

Only thing…not sure about name.. iPad…hmmm.