Preparation, Preparation, Preparation!

Alright we continue busy and seems as the days keep ticking towards the summer….yes I said summer, we work that far in advance and it sounds so wierd when I think about it. Well with SDCC 2010  just around the corner we start to gear things up and still find that no matter how early of a start you get it still won’t be enough time.   You can never prepare enough for the biggest convention of the year.  There is just so much to do like what books will you release and have for con, hotels, transportation, schedule creator signings, booth set-up, marketing and promotion for books going to SDCC, scheduling meetings, badges, …..AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! is there no end…but all in all we love it its that time of year we get to go out and meet readers and aspiring talent.

And on that note we love meeting creators, whether artists or writers in person and getting feedback from readers is awesome.  We love good and bad feedback we’re not perfect always looking to improve things.

Ok so I leave things with saying PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE…never enough preparation for SDCC.