Painting Creative During Down time

Ok so sometimes I find myself thinking what do comic artists, publishers, retailers do when their not doing comic stuff?  Hmmm… well do they have hobbies? Do they read other content outside of comics?  Well on this I can only speak for myself and most of the time when not directly working on comic content I’m thinking about content and or what we should be doing next. And or thinking about what I need to tackle when I start working on comics again, man there is no end for the medium we so enjoy.  Well for today’s blog I decided to share something personal…my Down Time Pass Time art… I have to do a little bit of self expression when I have some down time.  I love to paint with acrylics and oil, and I’ll bet you’ll never have guessed the subject matter for this coming.  Here you go hope this won’t keep you from coming back to check out the blog.  Tell you what if anyone likes any of these post a note here saying which one you liked and email me at with subject heading GIVE ME SOME DOWN TIME PASS TIME ART TO HANG ON MY WALL..and its yours I’ll send it to the first 2 that send in request. Only domestic, international I’d have to check on postage but send in request I’ll see what I can do.