Percy Jackson And The Olympians Valentines Day

So this Weekend was Valentines Day weekend and as part of the weekend festivities for the women in my life I took them to Percy Jackson and The Olympians (my little one read the book and has been so waiting for the movie).  Ok let me start my saying I saw the previews online and had not read the books but it looked promising, almost had a vibe as if they were making an attempt at recreating the next Harry Potter series of films.  My little one enjoyed the film but I saw her squirming in her seat towards the end and during some parts of the film which told me it was engaging but not enough to keep her in her seat (she is 8).   Now on the other hand I have not read the book so I was only familiar with what my little one filled me in on.   I think it had lots of potential and there were some cool things but overall it just felt rushed and after watching it I just didn’t feel compelled to start thinking about when the next set of films would be out.   Some of elements felt a little forced and there was a bit of disconnection between audience and characters.  But this is just my opinion, on the other hand my little one came home and found her Batman tool belt, a foam sword, and said she was going on a quest… :)

She was on her way to make and have her own adventure!