Oz Horror Goodness

Well was looking through artwork that came in for Nightmares in Oz and man…this is just horror goodness.  There is no way this book would have been what it is today without Court, Dale, and Ed.  Guys thanks so much for bringing this to horror life.  Court we need the art for the T-Shirts… :)

Nightmares in Oz

Welcome to Osmann Grove, Kansas.  The perfect place for college kids on Spring Break to go for a quiet camping vacation.  But Osmann Grove has secrets that go back many generations; and for the campers, this will be a trip that none of them forget.  At least the ones who survive the mysterious homicidal Scarecrow will never forget it.



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  1. C.W.

    March 6, 2010 at 10:10 am

    Duuuude… Where can I get the toy of that Scarecrow? XD (And he’d better come with a flying monkey…)