The excitement begins to build internally as we see the Orpheus project come together.  And I will be the first to admit this was a project that was pitched to me and I turned down, but the project somehow found its way to the hands of Tony who then read the entire project and was just floored by it.  So he came to me and basically said he wanted to get behind this, and am I so glad he did.  Can’t wait till this gets published later this year  I really think its going to surprise readers.


For years Orpheus, the world’s greatest escape artist, has defied the odds, wowed audiences and challenged Death.  Now, during his final performance Death has accepted that challenge.  If Orpheus is to perform his greatest escape ever, he will have to question everything he knows, and pay a price even greater than he could have imagined.

Be advised this book will come with a WARNING:  Mature Content.


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