2nd Webcomic Coming – Riverside

As we get closer to the launch of our 2nd webcomic (Riverside) and with what seems to appear as if Jim has worked out most of the bugs, I must admit I am giddy to see the webcomic section coming together.  All this content goodness is just chomping at the bit to go live. Stay tuned we have few more webcomics in the pipeline coming as well as a webcomic by a celebrity… :)

Riverside goes live March 15, 2010.

RiverSide is a comic strip centering around the life of a girl named Lily. Nothing out of the ordinary happens to Lily, until she’s dragged down the rabbit hole into a world where she learns things out of the ordinary do happen, and she’s in the middle of something big. A, open ended, light hearted adventurous romp. Schlock fantasy fun never looked so good in short shorts.