Middleman’s Natalie Morales Makes Maxim’s 100 List

Well we just found out that The Middlemans Natalie Morales made Maxim’s 100 list.  Congrats Natalie!

Here is a pic I found of the crew at SDCC….

Here is the article that was clipped so you can check-out courtesy of Maxim.com:

Natalie Morales’ stock is skyrocketing thanks to her portrayals of a sexy undercover agent in White Collar and a cutthroat corporate climber in Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.

Natalie Morales

Let’s start with a sexy question: What’s your take on TARP and the huge executive bonuses endemic to the financial industry?

Well, I suppose everybody hates rich bankers, but most people secretly wouldn’t mind being one of them, right?

Correct! Did your role teach you any Wall Street secrets?

Not really. I play the office bitch, a go-getter type, and I kind of get into a fight. I will take you down to get to the top! I like playing evil characters, but I’m not like that, really.

You’re kind of a geek at heart, right? For instance, you’ve been featured in a comic book, and on your Twitter account, @nataliemorales, you tweet about everything from TV theme songs to typography to the latest gadgets.

I don’t know if I would say “geek,” but, yeah, I guess I’ve always had a penchant for James Bond–type gadgetry. I just spent three months setting up my Slingbox. And, yes, I am a font whore. I design my own fonts. I guess you could call that geeky. Twitter is fun, though. I think half the people following me are just my friends, and the other half are fans of my old TV show, The Middleman.

Do you spend a lot of time in Miami, your hometown?

Miami is cool, but I feel like a black sheep when I’m there. I don’t know the hip places to go. I just hang out with my friends and drink and talk or do karaoke.

What’s your go-to song?

Probably “You Make My Dreams,” by Hall & Oates. It’s a great combination of fantastic and cheesy. I’ve learned to choreograph a little dance to fill the nonsinging parts.

What kind of work have you done besides acting?

Oh, man, I’ve had 100 weird jobs. I’ve done everything from being an elementary school teacher to selling mattresses on Craigslist. I’ve sold cigars, I’ve owned my own mortgage company.

Have you ever had a sexy liaison in the workplace?

Yes! I worked at an educational supply store—yet another sexy job! I made out with my boss in the supply closet, surrounded by workbooks and stuff. It was awesome. I love making out in secret, the kind of making out where somebody could walk in on you at any time.

Did you tell your mother about being in Maxim?

I did. She went to the newsstand to find it, then she called me and said, “Natalie, I saw a man who was almost completely naked, dressed in a thong. What is this?” And I said, ”Mom, you’re looking at Magnum. Wrong magazine. I’m not doing gay porn.”