Battle Smash Vs. The Saucermen From Venus

The SAUCER-MEN FROM VENUS are laying waste to London (it’s like since they built that giant Millennium Ferris-wheel-type thing, the place has just been a magnet for trouble).  But all is not lost, the world’s greatest team of Lucha-based, non-super-powered, implausibly muscled and ALWAYS masked heroes are on the job.


It’s time for the human’s to fight back and Johnny Alien is about to have a whole world of smack-down rain-down on his head.  But everything is not as it seems, and soon the team must face a homegrown villain by the name of EVIL DOCTOR BRAIN (no, seriously, that’s his name – I know, right?  What WERE his parents thinking?)

Format: book / full color / 32 Pages / $3.25
ISBN: 978-098271171-2
By: (W) Dale Mettam, (A) Armando Zanker

“…solid storytelling, a rollicking pace, and a fun, self-deprecating charm, Battle Smash vs. The Saucermen from Venus is a delightful action-comedy that will remind you of everything that was good about Saturday mornings, los luchadores, and mad scientists bent on world domination.” Jason Wilkins, BROKEN FRONTIER.COM

“Battle Smash” is a colorful, energetic and, best of all, fun all-ages book with enough silliness and action to satisfy any kid.”
Eric Henrickson, Geek Watch, The Detroit News

“…more Whacks!, Whams!, and Smak!’s than a 1960’s Batman serial…” Jesse Johnson,

“Team Battle Smash display the kind of gleefully inept heroics that made Keith Giffen-era Justice League such a breath of fresh air and is the perfect counterpoint to the Kick-Ass school of modern (i.e. cynical, ultra-violent) superheroics.” Christian Kerr, BLOGCRITICS.ORG