BEANS – “Little insecurities”

BEANS – “Little insecurities”

I think I’ve always been fascinated with the odd ones, the underdogs, the kids no one wanted to play with. When I say fascinated, I mean that in a loving way. I felt drawn to them.

There was a Polish kid in my elementary school. His name was Adam, he had huge glasses and a sad face. No one let him sit next to them on the bus, but me. His insecurity and shyness felt so endearing and lovely, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the “Adams“ of this world.

That’s what my “Beans” are. Insecure, worried, scared, dorky little fellas; heroes in their own right because they fight their fears and insecurities every day, and never cease to be sweet.

Franka Potente