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Viper Comics’ Nosferatu – Classic tale reinvented perfectly!

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Title: Nosferatu
Writer: Christopher Howard Wolf
Artist: Justin Wayne
Colors: Sal N.
Cover: Tim Seeley

Inspired by the classic film, Nosferatu, and mixing in elements of Bram Stoker’s Dracula (both the novel and the film starring Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, and Keanu Reeves), Viper’s Nosferatu takes the legend and brings it admirably into the new millennium, adding in elements not present in any incarnation of comics or film thus far. The main characters of the book are a gay couple, Tommy and Elle (yes, both girls), who interact like two best friends who happen to be in love. It’s not what you think, though… No gratuitous T&A, just a cute couple living life and dealing with what’s happening to them (AKA strong female characters). Tommy, a photographer, gets shanghaied by her boss into flying to take pictures of some German Count’s castle (who could that be?), while Elle pines from US soil for her love… Without ruining the story, we have pierced and modern girls as the protagonists, Homeland Security, the local Renfield, and Nosferatu interacting and running amok… With me so far?

I have to say, I’m VERY impressed with the dialog in the story, it’s easily my favorite part of the story. There’s the tastefully done best friend relationship of the female gay couple, Tommy’s string of lines, which are the most entertaining in the book, and plenty of refreshing scenes mixed in with the occasional nod to the past. Justin Wayne’s artwork blew me away. What I thought would be a “cartoony” vampire book turned out to be filled with the proper level of moodiness beneath the surface. His artwork was truly brought to life with Sal N.’s colors as well.

Bottom line… If you’ve never picked up a Viper comic before, this is where to begin. Vampire fan or not, it’s a relevant, fun, and well crafted story with a stellar art team.

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