Blue Agave & Worm

Albert Lopez, Jr. is a struggling LA stand-up comic who still lives with his parents.  One night while drunk on tequila, Albert falls violently into a mysterious agave plant and becomes “The Blue Agave,” Mexican superhero! With the help of his best friend and sidekick Tony (aka Worm), a 500-year-old burrow and copious amounts of tequila, Albert just might save the world!

Written By: Kirker Butler
Art By: Beware of the Art Studio
Buy Book / Retail $7.95 / 80 pages / In Stores November 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9827117-5-0

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Kirker Butler is an Emmy nominated writer and producer who has written for numerous TV shows including Family Guy and The Cleveland Show.  He wrote the Family Guy/Empire Strikes Back spoof, “Something, Something, Something Dark Side,” and recently completed his first novel.

Comic Book Trailer


“I found myself laughing out loud multiple times and immediately wanting to see what comes next.”Brett Schenker,

“I think I just found you your new favorite book!”…Grade: A –  The

“Butler has managed to create a new superhero that feels unique while also playing to his strengths, he’s freaking hilarious when’s he not trying to be a comedian and he needs to get hammered to access his powers.” –  Troy Mayes,

“The jokes are sudden and short, like strong jabs, and definitely have the outrageous and somewhat offensive flavor you would expect from a writer on Family Guy. The pacing is solid…” – Craig Reade —