Hell House: The Awakening

Every Halloween, hundreds of highly controversial, religiously themed “Hell Houses” open their doors across Middle America. During the first night of a Texas high school’s Hell House, a shocking and mysterious event occurs, leaving behind a small number of survivors. This motley crew is forced to battle their way out of the collapsing structure, while fighting against a terrifying and unspeakable force desperate to consume their very souls.

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Format: book / full color / 96 Pages / $9.95
ISBN: 978-098271173-6
By: (W) Chad Feehan & Ryan Dixon, (A) Tsubasa Yozora



“Like the best horror stories, the scariest characters in HELL HOUSE are not the monsters outside, but the human beings we find ourselves trapped with. HELL HOUSE is equal parts thought provoking, bitingly satirical and drenched in blood, an original take on the genre that would do George Romero proud.” – Mark Sable, writer of “Cthulhu Tales” and “Two-Face: Year One”

“This book is a vile, deviant piece of trash. If you consider yourself a good Christian or even a good human being, avoid Hell House at all cost.” –  Reverend Bernard Eaton, WayCross Evangelical Church

“HELL HOUSE is a mordant, witty, balls-out horror opus that defies expectation. The fear-mongering that fuels the far-right Christian fundamentalist movement is dramatized here with ghoulish aplomb. It’s scary and funny and jaw-dropping and never, ever boring. I’d sell my soul for a sequel. Amen!” — Clark Perry, writer, ABC’s V

“I predict that HELLHOUSE will be banned from libraries across the nation. Only the brave will seek it out and they will be horrified … for all the right reasons.  This graphic novel is going to give Christians and Atheists alike terrible nightmares.”Ernessa T. Carter, FierceandNerdy.com

“…incredible illustrations by Tsubusa Yoroza… amazing, and definitely worth a read.” HorrorNews.net

“Hell House is a very strong effort… extremely good.  4 out of  5 stars” – Craig Reade, Comixtreme.com

“This story is masterfully crafted with intriguing darkness! “ – Paul Dale Roberts, JasmaOnline.com

“Hell House is a unique look at the fundamentalist Christian’s view of the end of the world from the outside looking in.” Eric Shirey, TheSpectralRealm.com

“…if you want a damn good comic read, buy Hell House: The Awakening…writers Chad Feehan and Ryan Dixon have created the greatest horror story I’ve read all year. 5 out of 5″ – Half Channel.com

“The artwork and illustrations are fun and I am looking forward to seeing more from Viper Comics as well as the continuation of the Hell House story.” Thomas Carpenter, MoreHorror.com