“Nosferatu” is a dark, edgy tale inspired by the film of the same name. This modern spin on the timeless horror story follows Tommy and her roommate Elle as the nefarious vampire Count Orlok draws them into his obsession with death and disease. Old-world magic combines with technology and terror alerts when Orlok, the Nosferatu, pays our shores a visit.

Written by: Chris Wolf
Art By: Justin Wayne
Colors by: Sal Nieto

Buy Book / Retail $9.95 / 112 pages / arrives in stores November 2010
ISBN: 978-0-9827117-7-4



“… a retelling of a classic story that retains the original’s essence, especially when it comes to the horrific and the grotesque.” – Rue Morgue Magazine

“… it’s a relevant, fun, and well crafted story with a stellar art team.” – Zedura Magazine

“A great adventure for the high school reader and older that does both the orignal film and independent comic industry proud!” –

“This comic is a damn good update to an old classic for this generation to enjoy. A great piece of work by independent comic creators.” –

“There’s tons of originality here and it’s very fun and it’s an original take on the vampire mythos.”  —

“Nosferatu is a very impressive book that manages to re-imagine a classic story for a modern audience without cheapening the experience.”  Troy Mayes,

“Funny, creepy, sassy and horrifying, Nosferatu’s contemporary spice adds some bite to a classic vintage.”  – Christian Kerr, The Crack

“…enjoyable story with more than enough charm and originality to make it stand out from its well-worn source material(s) and the countless other adaptations.”  –  John Lee,