Stu Bear

A freak avalanche turns Stu Bear’s annual hibernation into a 500 year frozen sleep.  Rediscovered and thawed, Stu finds evolved, hairless, intelligent bears, descendants of Stu’s brother, the new dominant species; living in floating cities above the Earth.  But as a seemingly incurable plague threatens to destroy all life, Stu finds he’s the only one who can save the day.  Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie screen writer, Jeff Bushell, debut’s his first graphic novel.

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Format: book / full color / 80 Pages / $7.95
ISBN: 978-098271172-9
By: (W) Jeff Bushell (A) Beware Of The Art Studio



“If there was a bear genre then Stu Bear probably throws out all of the conventions of that genre with its  crazy, futuristic Planet of the Apes-esque setting”- Troy Mayes, Blog Critics

“It’s good for kids and adults will enjoy it too.” - Brett Sc henker,

“Pure animal sci-fi fun. These bears really rule!”Broken Frontier

“Wake up and smell the honey, dude … Stu Bear has arrived!”Chris J. Thompson,

“…it reads easily and could be used as a book before bed time…” - Lan Pitts,


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