The Middleman (Volume 3)

The Middleman, The Third Volume Inescapability
The Middleman and Wendy secret agents for the worlds most absurdly secretive agency return for an all new adventure that re defines shocking destiny, and nothing will be the same after the uncompromising finale!

The search for a missing scientist plunges Wendy into a collision course with the darkest mysteries of The Middleman what is the sinister organization known by the acronym F.A.T.B.O.Y. and why have its agents fought the Middlemen for centuries? What is the deep, dark secret driving the conflict between The Middleman and his arch nemesis, the nefarious Kanimang Kang? Will Wendy ever find a gallery that will hang her paintings?

All your questions will be answered and your answers will be questioned in the third volume of the series hailed by critics and fans, and named by the American Library Association as one of 2007s Great Graphic Novels For Teens.