Count Orlok Contest


Make your offering to Orlok!

With the release of the Nosferatu graphic novel, the time has come for all red-blooded vampire fans to make their offering to the plague fiend.

What to offer, you ask? Almost anything! A poem, a video, a drawing… whatever your cold, black heart desires.

The only requirement is that it be a creative offering that won’t insult the great Count Orlok! (We wouldn’t want that, now would we?)

Entries will be evaluated by effort, creativity, and outright weirdness by a panel of judges. Orlok himself has veto power, naturally.

The rewards for the best offerings are as follows:

• 1st Place:
· Four (4) Sketch Cards by Nosferatu illustrator Justin Wayne!
· A copy of the Nosferatu GN signed by the creative team!
· A trendy Viper Comics tote bag, with more recent Viper books!

• 2nd Place:
· A copy of the Nosferatu GN!
· A trendy Viper Comics tote bag!

• 3rd Place:
· A copy of the Nosferatu GN!

In order to be properly entered into the contest, you MUST send us:

1.) Your entry!
2.) A short note explaining what your offering is… in case we can’t exactly tell.
3.) Your name and address in case you win!

Entries must be sent to between November 24th and December 20th 2010.

By entering the “Make Your Offering to Orlok” contest, you are agreeing that your entry may be used by Viper Comics in association with promotion of the Nosferatu graphic novel.

All entries must be digitally transmittable to the official contest entry address. Do not try to send us physical objects via standard mail. If you make some sort of physical object as your offering, feel free to send us a clear picture that prominently displays it.

For more information on the book, or to get some inspiration for your entry, visit!

This event made possible by Viper Comics.