Molly Has Been Bitten By Wolf’s Nosferatu



Full Review:

So…..even though it is the day after comic book day AND this graphic novel has been out since November, Nosferatu, published by Viper Comics, is worth taking a look back at. Written by game designer Chris Wolf and newcomer Justin Wayne, this comic is more of a retelling of the classic 1922 silent film by F.W. Murnau than Bram Stoker’s original novel. Wolf took the same creative license that Murnau did and changed the names of our characters.

On page 1 we are immediately introduced to our Jonathan Harker character, remaned Tommy Hutter. Page 2 we have the realization that a lot more than the name is changed. Our hero is a snarky and busty goth girl who has one hot model for a girlfriend. It has dawned on me at this point that I might be this graphic novel’s target market. I was immediately pleased with the smart dialogue. What is obviously going to deteriorate into a fantastical story, has right off the bat introduced us to grounded, relate-able characters (even if you aren’t a punky lesbian).

Being very familiar with the original Nosferatu, the juxtaposition of modern characters to the old was very entertaining, as opposed to the tiresome rut remakes are always in danger of falling into. Not to mention, the modern approach to “vampirism” through science really updates on an idea that though it remains appealing to horror fans, requires quite a suspension of disbelief in a less religious or superstitious time.

The graphic novel is $9.95 at Amazon and clocking in a 112 pages, is worth every penny.