Fun Times on Cemetery Street


Just when I thought one of our senior writers couldn’t top himself with another cool creative idea he does. And or let alone have time to develop something from scratch especially with the current workload here.

Here is little info about the webcomic, love it :

Cemetery Street is what that hell might be like for three young professionals, sharing a house, making their way in the world and mostly just trying to get by.  Sure, they look a little different… but what’s normal?


Adam Franklin Stein is actually a really smart guy.  Unfortunately when he was created, his maker didn’t exactly have the full workings of a nervous system down (it looks a lot easier on paper than it does when you get to the hands-on part) and as a result, he’s a bit of klutz.  The perfect job seemed obvious… working in a Call Center where he could use his extensive knowledge to talk someone with fine-motor-skills through the process of fixing things he can’t.

Of course, the downside is that he has to deal with some very rude, angry and often frustrated people.

Lou Ghune is just a simple guy from the backwaters of the South trying to make his way in the big city.  He doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life and until he decides, he has a job at the local Convenience Store where he holds the position of Assistant Manager (since there’s only him and the boss, the title doesn’t mean a whole lot).

At some point he’ll make up his mind what he wants to be when he “grows up” but until then he really needs to discover a manly way to moisturize… the city plays havoc with his skin.

Booo (the middle “o” is silent) has more than her fair share of problems.  A young professional woman, fighting to break the glass ceiling; questionable cultural background and the fact that she’s a ghost don’t make things easy.

Fortunately, she has some good friends and job security (working for a company so confused by who and what she actually is they daren’t fire her does have an upside).  But many professional women, she wants it all… and regardless of what you see in the movies, dating and romance for a ghosts is not all potters wheels and sliding pennies.

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