Aint It Cool Reviews Missing Linx


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Advance Review! In stores April 2011!

Writer: Dale Mettam
Art: Courtney Huddleston
Publisher: Viper Comics & 1821 Comics
Reviewer: Ambush Bug

Shrewd readers of AICN HORROR already know I love me some Bigfoot stories.
MISSING LINX not only is a good Bigfoot story. It’s a good Sasquatch story, a good skunk ape story, and a good yeti story. In fact, MISSING LINX has all four types of the world’s missing links on one super team. Writer Dale Mettam and artist Courtney Huddleston have put together a fun American myth story for all ages.

A father and his two children are out for a man-cation in the wilderness. The kids, of course, would rather be anywhere else and are bored without video games and television–that is, until the Missing Linx show up battling beasts of mythology threatening the campers and the rest of the free world. The evil Dr. Bedfellow (who reminds me of the bad guy from AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE) has a half-assed plan to take over the world: he sends monsters of myth to take out a power plant causing a nuclear winter. The only folks standing in their way are the science-minded Skunk Ape, the roguish ice-powered Yeti, the brawl-happy Sasquatch, and the leader of the Missing Linx, Bigfoot. What transpires is the kind of story that I would have loved to have been read to as a kid and one, as a big kid, enjoyed reading too.

Courtney Huddleston does a great job of making the characters fun and the monsters menacing without being too scary. He has a nice cartoony style which makes this story something I’d have loved to see on Saturday morning (back when there used to be cartoons on Saturday mornings, that is).

The tone is light, but never talking down to adults or over kids’ heads. MISSING LINX hits that middle ground where both kids and their parents could enjoy it. MISSING LINX was a refreshing mix of mythology and modern super-heroism. I love the use of different species of Bigfoot and the cool nods to Harryhausen films in this one. If you’re looking for something for all ages, MISSING LINX is one to seek out when it hits stores in April.