Zombie Lego Inspiration


So as I’m looking through my inbox I came across a feature article on a Lego Film making website.  And what really caught my eye was “Zombie Genesis”.  A lego short about the making (a behind the scenes) of a zombie lego movie.  It was awesome.  This was inspirational. The film short was very well put together and made me think maybe my little one and I can do a short film together.  For Christmas she wanted a Lego Stop Motion camera and of course dad bought it for her. She’s made several stop motion film shorts over last couple of years, but this really got my imagination going on how cool and fun this could be.

So after considering this and pondering it long and hard I think I’m going to develop a lego short for fun. And I’ll treat this like a real film making project and set up a budget (very small).  I’ll post updates on how its going for anyone interested.  I’ll set a schedule for pre-production and post production.  I’ll try to use existing items on had to save on expense, maybe bid on extra lego’s I’ll need on ebay.   Maybe I’ll reach out to a great writer I know to provide the script from which we’ll be working from. Plan it out then execute it.  And even looking at this and we could step it up a notch by adding an extra layer to the fun and madness…What if we worked up a digital comic version to accompany the short? This could be so cool.  Ok now the madness begins and the planning will follow….. Hmmm wait…rats too much work on my current slate will have to put on hold for just a bit till we get bunch of other things off my to do list. But exciting to think I may have my next fun project to work on.

Here is the just under 5 minute short, its awesome.