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Here is review that posted at FeedVibe.com, written by Kevin Cortez.

There aren’t many options for those parents out there looking for a family-friendly comic book tale that’s actually good. Most comic book stories are pretty poorly written, or just flat out boring for parents to share with their children. However, thanks to Viper Comics‘ newest title, Missing Linx, both children and parents alike can enjoy a fun and thrilling story that’s pure entertainment for everyone.

Written by Dale Mettam and drawn by Courtney Huddleston, Missing Linx is a mildly entertaining story. The comic starts off with a father and his two sons camping in the woods and coming across a team of super-brilliant animals who save their lives. These animals are, in fact, missing links. The team of super-animals include an extremely intelligent Skunk Ape, a brutal Yeti that can wield the power of ice, a Hulk-type Sasquatch, and of course, their magnificent leader Bigfoot. The team helps protect the vacationing family from the evil Dr. Bedfellow, and foil his plans on ultimately taking over the world.

Think X-Men, crossed with Bone-type humor and mythological creatures. The dialogue humorous for all demographics to enjoy, while the story as a whole hits a perfect middle point for everyone to read and take pleasure in. The art also screams out to all who read the comic book, with simple styled creatures that any Kaiju fan can appreciate.

Missing Linx is chock full of enchanting beings and fun surprises for all ages to enjoy. Children will love turning the page as much as parents will. This fun and clean tale is something that parents and children will definitely enjoy. Missing Linx hits stores this April.