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Missing Linx Advance Review

by Craig Reade

Published on 04-12-2011 11:07 PM
Reviewer: Craig Reade
Quick Rating: Fun for the young ones

The Missing Links have to stop Dr. Bedfellow!

Written by: Dale Mettam
Pencils by: Courtney Huddleston
Color by: Digikore
Ink by: Jason Worthington
Letters by: Gary Beatty
Publisher: Viper Comics

The Crocketts (Owen and sons Zach and Luke) head out to the national park for a camping trip, when out of the blue the trio are attacked by a manticore. They are subsequently rescued by a team of mythical missing links: a large, superstrong, brutish Sasquatch, a super-intelligent Skunk Ape, A ice-mage Yeti, and a wise-guy Bronx Big Foot. The four Missing Links was brought to our world from their own dimension by one Erasmus Q Bedfellow, who discovered how to open a portal to the dimension of myth and attempted to use its inhabitants to conquer the world. An early effort brought over the cryptid quartet, but they refused to go along with Bedfellow’s plans and started to fight against him. Through the course of this story, Bedfellow summons a wide range of mythical creatures to do his bidding.
This is unquestionably an all-ages book, and probably one better enjoyed by a younger crowd. There is a lot of action here – the story doesn’t spend a lot of time on character development, we just get straight to the giant monsters attacking and the apes saving the day. The characters are varied with their own distinct, original gimmicks… the exception being Big Foot, who never seemed to develop his own thing outside of “one who wears the crystal.” They showed him wrestling a monster once, so I guess he was super strong… but I thought that was Sasquatch’s thing! Not a major issue by any means, and definitely not something a younger reader would pick up on. Each of the four has a unique and credible voice – different accents and manners of speaking help add distinction to the characters, and their language is simple enough to understand without sounding like it is deliberately dumbed down.

The story is absolutely colorful. Each of the characters is distinct and fun. The human characters are kind of secondary throughout the story, but the sons provide two unique grounding points for potential young male readers… there different natures would appeal to different levels of readers, and their crucial involvement at the climax of the story is really appealing.

This one is another strong all-ages outing for Viper. It’s a nice addition to their line-up. If you have a young boy, he is sure to enjoy this one.

Missing Linx will be in stores later this month. (Amazon lists a release date of April 29th, 2011).

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3.5/5 Stars

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