FCBD Inspector Gadget And Johnny Test


Inspector Gadget and Johnny Test will make their splash debut May 7, 2011 on Free Comic Book Day.  Viper Comics FCBD will have Inspector Gadget and Johnny Test in one comic.  So run to your nearest comic book retailer on May 7, 2011 and get your copy before they’re all gone.

Inspector Gadget, Penny and Brain are back… but so is MAD.  On what should be a peaceful vacation aboard the Orient Express, Gadget must locate Professor Sagan-Heisenberg and escort him safely back to Metro City.  But with MAD agents everywhere, perhaps this time, Dr. Claw will finally beat his nemesis.  Go-Go-Gadget-Adventure!

Written by Dale Mettam, Art by Jose Coba / Arrives June 2011 / 48 page book / Retail $5.95

Johnny Test has never been big on homework.  But when someone starts doing it for him… AND he’s making A’s… that attitude might change.  At least until he learns the future depends on Johnny being a slacker.  The homework and good grades have to stop NOW!  But who’s doing the homework and how can Johnny stop them?

Written by Dale Mettam, Art by Ivan Escalante / Arrives July 2011 / 48 page book / Retail $5.95
ISBN: 978-0-9833670-1-7