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Review Information
Reviewer: Troy Mayes
Review Date: April 2011
Comic Information
Publisher: Viper and 1821 Comics
out of 10

Viper Comics and 1821 Comics team up to bring your favorite mythical creatures Big Foot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape and the Yeti together as a comic book superhero team in Missing Linx.

Owen takes his two boys Luke and Zach on a camping trip. As Owen tries to show his boys that camping can be fun a giant, ferocious mythical cat appears. Fearing for their lives the family is only saved by the intervention of the Missing Linx. The Linx’s comprised of leader Big Foot, muscle Sasquatch, brains Skunk Ape and bravado Yeti easily deal with the creature, but soon realize the trouble isn’t over as the evil Dr. Bedfellow plots to take over the world.

The story, by Dale Mettam, is a really fun and light hearted adventure that would easily be at home in the Saturday morning cartoon block. It’s the type of comic you can just pick up and read easily without having to invest too much in the story. Also the Missing Linx complement each other well due to their diverse personalities creating a good group dynamic. I did find Sasquatch and Big Foot to have more than a hint of the Hulk and Wolverine, respectively, in their personalities and dialogue but then again Mettam throws in a lot of pop culture references throughout the book so it’s probably intentional.

Viper seem to have a knack for picking stories that are fun for both kids and adults to enjoy together and Missing Linx is no exception. There’s enough fantasy and comedy to appease both audiences and the dialogue is clean yet fun. I found Dr. Bedfellow to be particularly hilarious due to his unnatural obsession with Titanic. As you’d expect there’s also a good moral to the story for Owen and his two sons that would resonate with a lot of parents reading this with their kids.

Once again the art style really compliments the feel of the comic. The story is very cartoony and the art captures that really well, particularly in the character designs and use of bright colors, with an almost Hanna-Barbera feel to it. There are also more monsters than you can shake a stick at meaning in the abundant fight scenes the Missing Linx are always facing something new. About the only issue some people might have is with the onomatopoeia. I personally found it added to the cartoony feel of the book, but it can be pretty in your face and over the top.

Missing Linx is another quality all ages graphic novel from Viper. If you are a fan of old school Saturday morning cartoons and mythical monsters then Missing Linx is for you. Fun for the whole family.