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Missing Linx TPB Advanced Review

Posted on April 13, 2011 by Dylan Mcintosh

Remember Disney’s Goofy Movie where Goofy tries to bond with his boy and nothing seems to go right? Imagine a dad trying to bond with his two sons camping and ends up getting chased by an oversized cat and rescued by four creatures that aren’t supposed to be real.


Dr. Bedfellow, evil scientist, is releasing creatures from another dimensions though a break in a dimensional rift in order to take over the world. However, four of these creatures turn out to be nice guys and a pain in the butt for Dr. Bedfellow. Big Foot, Sasquatch, Skunk Ape and the Yeti in their attempt to get home continue to stop Dr. Bedfellow at each attempt to take over the world. An innocent family, with their own teenager issues, get caught up in the mix, and join forces with the missing links.

What I liked:

For an all ages book, I actually found that I enjoyed this book than I thought I would. I normally read more PG 13+ comics and I found that Mettam put in some great lines. There were several laugh out loud moments as I read through the seventy-two page preview copy. Many of the kid movies that I’ve seen with my own kids include some dialog that are aimed directly at the parents to catch a bit of humor and go above the head of the kids, Missing Linx is full of those type of moments as well. There are Star Wars “Chewie, step on it” , Titanic “King of the World”, and Clash of the Titans “Release the Kraken!” comments throughout the book that made it enjoyable for me to pick out the references.


The characters in the book are unique enough in their own ways not just from their visual appearances, but from each of their speech behaviors. The characters all stayed true to form throughout the book and that helped follow the action (and there is plenty) until the end. While I’m thinking about it, I could correlate each of the missing links back to other popular comics hero that they were more than likely modeled after. For example: Yeti = Iceman, Sasquatch = Hulk, Skunk Ape = Beast, and Big Foot = Wolverine. See if you make the same connection that I did when you read it.

I wanted to test out the all ages portion so I showed my kids (six and three years old) the PDF preview copy that I had on my iPad and let them browse through the pages. They were both asking me to read them the story shortly thereafter. They giggled and laughed at many of the jokes and funny moments throughout the book. For neither one of the kids to be familiar with the missing link lore, they had a blast with the book and can’t wait for me to pick up a hard copy for them.

The art was very similar to your Saturday morning cartoons and there was no apparent violence, unlike the majority of other books that I read, so this is truly an all ages book that many people will enjoy.


What I disliked:

There were only a couple of trivial annoyances that I had with the book. The first thing that bugged me was the Yeti’s surfer dude language, but both of my kids loved it when I read them the Yeti’s part so I guess I don’t have too much ground to stand on when complaining about that.

The second thing was I couldn’t figure out what the background of Owen and his two kids. Without a picture reference of the mom, the blond youngest kid just stood out with his blond hair and light skin compared to the darker colored Owen and the oldest son’s brown hair. Like I said, pretty trivial, but it was something that I picked up as I read the book.


I liked the book, my kids enjoyed the book and I’m sure that many others will enjoy this all-ages tale of family bonding with both hairy beasts and humans working together as a team to triumph over evil.

Grade: B-