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Chad Bowman was on the verge of having it all. But when he fails to come forward as a witness to a brutal murder, his life changes overnight. Soon, Chad discovers someone or something is after him. Now, Chad must stay alive long enough to prove he isn’t the real killer and stop the mysterious entity from stripping him of his FIVE SENSES.

Written by Jake Black / Art By Justin Wayne / Colors by Sal Nieto /







“I’m ready for the rest of the series.”, Raymond Masters

“I dang near fell into this book because it draws you in.” The Event Magazine

“It’s a pretty interesting set-up that takes the crime thriller genre and adds just a slight touch of horror by way of the Saw franchise.”

“This is the first time I sat down and read a comic and just wished the entire time that it was already a movie.”, Jason Lees

“The way things spun out of control at the end of the issue is absolutely the hook of the issue.”, Craig Reade

“…the idea has been put in my head about a film so I would love to see that get made.”, Molly Coffee

USA Today noted Five Senses as one of the Comics to most likely make a splash at SDCC 2011.