Ain’t It Cool News Reviews “Five Senses”

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Writer: Jake Black
Artist: Justin Wayne
Publisher: Viper Comics
Reviewer: Optimous Douche

“Don’t be a dick.” It’s a simple statement that has provided a societal foundation for millennia from the Ten Commandments to the new commandments of political correctness. Yet time and time again literary figures ignore this tenet and reap the face full of semen that comes from sowing their fields with copious amounts of dickery.

Chad Bowman, the protagonist of FIVE SENSES, is one such character that has not learned from the follies of yesteryear. While in Seattle on a business trip that promises to be the deal of a lifetime, Chad lays witness to the brutal slaying of a waitress from a diner he stops in to have an eat. Late for his meeting, Chad sloughs off his moral obligation to help the police identify the killer. With a wink and a nod this epic dick goes off to his meeting, signs the deal and then begins to imbibe the nightlife of Seattle reveling in his success with blondes and booze. While at the club, someone starts to play mind games with Chad: a hidden note on a cocktail napkin with the simple message “come forward” arrives with one of his many drinks. Likewise, the next morning Chad is greeted with a message on his hotel mirror reminding him of his moral turpitude.