Word of The Nerd reviews “World War Hack”


I recently got a chance to take a look at World War Hack, the upcoming graphic novel from Viper Comics. Let me tell you that you all are in for a treat.

Written by Ethan Bull and illustrated by Tsubasa Yozora, World War Hack is a roller-coaster ride from the beginning to the end. It is incredibly smartly written, tightly plotted, and very well paced. In fact, the only thing that I wish was different about this book was the length. At 72 pages, it felt like I had to put it down too soon.

The book begins with an unmanned aircraft drone being taken over by unknown hackers and having it turn on friendly forces. As the various agency heads discuss what they should do about the situation, they hit on hosting a “hacking competition,” gathering known hackers from around the in an attempt to either outright catch the person(s) responsible or at the very least figure out what the hackers were able to do and stop their access before something worse happens.The idea made me laugh out loud at first, but upon finding that this is actually a tactic used by governments to recruit the best and brightest programming minds as well as to turn possible “black hat” hackers into “white hats,” I was quickly drawn back into the book.

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