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The Adventures of Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter

April 26, 2012Posted in: Comic Books, comics, Featured
A comic by the name of Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter caught my attention recently from Viper Comics. I recently had the opportunity to read the first three issues of this new series. Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter seems like a name that would speak for itself as to what it’s about right? Yes and no, considering that our main character is a psychopath who spends his time wearing a straitjacket in a mental institution. Of course the voice in his head tells him he’s going to save the world! A psychopathic young man, who is told he’s going to save the world, welcome to one of the truly different protagonists you will run into. The interesting thing about him is though I know he’s not right in his head, this just makes him that much more fascinating. I’ll say this, Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter from the start takes chances that aren’t often taken in comics.