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Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter Number 1

Written by on May 19th, 2012 | No Comments

Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter Number 1Written by Russell Nohelty

Edited by Gwendolyn Borgen

Art and Letters by Renzo Podesta

Cover by Renzo Podesta

Published by Viper Comics

I love Viper Comics; there I said it, so when Russell dropped me a note yesterday to take a look at the Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter series I simply could not say no to this one. Viper is at the top of their game with this comic book, and in all I found this one pretty cool. Our hero Ichabod is in an insane asylum, because he is a killer. Or is he an instrument of god doomed to fight the monsters from hell that inhabit the earth and make our lives short and miserable. Alone in a corner in a padded cell Ichabod is responding to the voices in his head, or are they in his head? Are they divine guidance or the internal stimuli of a person who is a psychopath killer? Did the guard leave the door to the padded cell unlocked, or did God open the door so that Ichabod could see the monster in the hall way chowing down on a mental home attendant? Is the monster real, or is it all in Ichabod’s brain? That is why this is a very groovy comic book.