Hooligan Coming October 2012

The excitement has started to build internally surrounding the much anticipated release of, “Hooligan”.  The story and art has everyone on the edge of the seat as we near the conclusion of the production process on the new digital comic series coming this fall.   Issue #1 is scheduled for  October 2012, Issue #2 November 2012,  and Issue #3 in December 2012.

Written by Mike Hall
Art by Dustin Evans

Hooligan, is a unique mash up of anit-hero, sci-fi, horror and action with a current mid-western backdrop. The story follows Rex, AKA, Hooligan as he searches for his missing wife and two kids. Hooligan believes there is something bizarre and unexplainable taking place in his small town, but nobody believes him. It’s up to him to battle his way through the unexplainable to get answers and restore order to his peaceful hometown. This comic proves the mid-west plains are every bit as treacherous as Gotham or New York…perhaps even more so.”