Comic Book and Movie Reviews Interviews Ichabod Jones Creator

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Now there are only a hand full of people I can think of who have made the big leap from broadcasting media to the printed page. For example: Kevin Smith, Frank Miller, Dan Didio, Seth Green, Leonard Nimoy, and Barbra Streisand, just to name a few. However, out of this motley crew, I can only think of one other person who has the tenacity and the guile to make this leap stick. My mate Russell Nohelty. Here, check out a conversation I had with him just the other day about his new comic book, ‘Ichabod Jones : Monster Hunter’, whilst getting art lessons from Barry Manilow.

Graphicly Meets Monster Hunter

1) When was the first time you knew that you had the talent to write, Russell? And how did you develop your style? Well I don’t have the hubris to say I have the talent to write, but I’ve been writing since I was a kid. First terribly, then slightly less terribly, and all the way through until now, when I hope I don’t write terribly at all.

I developed that through the simplest way possible. I wrote and read. Anything I wanted to write, I would read everything I could possibly get my hands in that format, then I would try to ape it until I developed my own voice.