One Geek Nation Interviews Russell Nohelty Creator of Ichabod Jones


INTERVIEW: Russell Nohelty

June 14, 2012   Interview by: Josh Pierce

Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter is a pretty unique story. What were the origins of the story? And for those who haven’t read a single issue can you give everyone a quick recap of what Ichabod Jones Monster Hunter is all about?

Sure. Ichabod is about a psychopath that escapes from an asylum and becomes a monster hunter during the Apocalypse because the voice in his head tells him it’s his purpose. But what Ichabod’s really about, what makes Ichabod really cool (besides all the disgusting monsters Ichabod brutalizes) is this idea of perspective. You never know if Ichabod is really in the Apocalypse, if he’s dreaming the whole thing, or if he’s killing real people and thinks they are monsters.

As for the origin, sometimes a story just comes to you. I was driving to a meeting, trying to figure out my next comic. I wanted an anti-hero, somebody that’s hard to sympathize with, and Ichabod popped into my head. I would like to say that it was some huge struggle and it took me forever, but Ichabod just flowed out of me.

I have a few friends that want to choke me whenever I tell that story though because stories aren’t generally that easy to break. And they don’t generally come that easy to me either. They usually have to fester for months or years before I finally write them down.