One Geek Nation Reviews Ichabod Jones #4


REVIEW: Ichabod Jones #4

June 15, 2012   Josh Pierce (Admin – Site Runner)

Creator & Writer: Russell Nohelty

Editor: Gwendolyn Borgen

Art & Letter: Renzo Podesta

Publisher: Viper Comics

Review: *** 1/2

Reviewed By: Josh Pierce

Ichad Jones has been one wild ride. The schizophrenic feel of the book since page one of issue one has not wavered. It’s unique in its tone and presentation. Truly Ichabod for better or worse is a horse of a different color. To me it’s for the better. I enjoyed every issue of Ichabod and really am sad to see this be the last issue of the series, at least for now. But, now is the waiting game, will it come back or will it retire off into the sunset only to be remembered by the digital file of the comic on our computers. I believe Ichabod Jones deserves a better outcome and hopefully it will get it. But, Ichabod Jones is truly about survival, it’s about the highs and lows of one’s life, it’s about overcoming obstacles, and truly believing in yourself. Ichabod Jones is a great comic book, issues 1-4 are a great read and honestly there isn’t much more that I can say that hasn’t been said over the past 3 issue reviews of the book that I did. Just go to and buy them, you won’t regret it.