Russell Nohelty: Hunter of Monsters, an Interview

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Russell Nohelty: Hunter of Monsters, an Interview

By Cosmic Mutiny, Andre Owens | Published May 27, 2012
Russell Nohelty's Ichabod Jones: Monster HunterRussell Nohelty’s Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter

In preparation for this column, I was sent a PDF of Ichabod Jones:Monster Hunter issues 1 & 2. Upon “cracking the page” one is entered into an insane twirling landscape coming from the mind of creator/writer Russell Nohelty. The blistering manic artwork is provided by the talented Renzo Podesta. I just sat down and chatted with Russell for an hour. The rambling interview is below.

Who are you and Where are you from?

My name is Russell Nohelty. I grew up in Northern Va before moving to Los Angeles 4 years ago.

Were you always a comic book fan? If so, do you remember the first one your read?

I have always been a comic book fan. I collected as a kid, but when I got to college I just didn’t have to time or money to collect any more.
Luckily, when I started working in comics, I was able to start collecting again.
It’s hard to remember the exact first comic I read. I distinctly remember arc of comics I read as a kid like Knightfall, Death/Return of superman, Spider-Man clone saga. In fact, when I went home this year and found the first issue of Spider-Man 2099.