Hooligan #1 AVAILABLE NOW!


Check out HOOLIGAN #1, Available NOW!

New Series by Dustin Evans and C. Michael Hall

Series Synopsis

Hooligan is a unique mash up of anti-hero, sci-fi, horror and action with a current mid-western backdrop. The story follows Rex, AKA, Hooligan as he searches for his missing wife and two kids. Hooligan believes there is something bizarre and unexplainable taking place in his small town, but nobody believes him. It’s up to him to battle his way through the unexplainable to get answers and restore order to his peaceful hometown. This comic proves the mid-west plains are every bit as treacherous as any big city.

Issue 1

Rex is a small town man on the verge of losing everything. His family has been abducted, the family farm is failing and crime is running rampant through the small streets of Rex’s hometown. Strange happenings have been escalating and Rex knows he MUST do something to fight back…so he creates his own crime fighting persona, “HOOLIGAN”. Not long after Hooligan begins trying to clean up the streets, it becomes apparent that something much bigger and sinister is stirring in the middle of nowhere USA. Rex is not only confronted with his own questionable sanity, but something unexplainable that could destroy the entire town.