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Check out the latest ebook series which arrives OCTOBER 24, 2012 from the creative mind of Bobby Bierley, Art by Zeu Gouveia, Colors by Ed Brisson, Cover Art by Ralph Abou Raad.

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Yellow - Auld Lang Zombie #1 - Bobby Bierley & Zeu Gouveia


Zombietowne is dying. Desperate to reclaim the spotlight and stave off being swallowed up by the competition, the top brass at the world’s first zombie zoo hope that a new arrival—a beautiful zombie named Persephone—will reignite public interest. The plan seems flawless, until one lovesick high school boy falls in love with their only hope for redemption and everything starts falling apart.


Auld Lang Zombie

Zombietowne is dying. The world’s first zombie preserve is about to become as dead as the corpses that wander inside. The top brass at the park are looking for a way to reignite public interest in the undead, or face demise at the hands of their greedy competition. Meanwhile, Quinn Quigley deals with rejection at the hands of the hottest girl in school.


Dead on Arrival

The eagerly-awaited “solution” to Zombietowne’s financial woes arrives at the park, courtesy of the world’s most controversial zombie hunter. Park manager Simon and his assistant contemplate the ramifications the mystery girl might have on their lives; while at school Quinn and his friends contemplate the ramifications of Japanese animation. And Quinn makes a pathetic attempt to maintain a modicum of control and respect.


Feels Like the First Time

After having a fight with his mom, Quinn visits Zombietowne after hours and is unexpectedly introduced to the zombie girl. Finding her irresistibly beautiful, he returns to her cage the next night for a closer look. Unfortunately his actions have unexpected consequences and he may have just sealed for her a fate worse than an unlife behind bars.


Living Dead Girlfriend

Still high from finding his new (undead) love, Quinn quickly comes back to reality when he realizes his actions may have cost Persephone her unlife, and he sets out with a half-baked plan to rescue her from the clutches of Zombietowne. But what does one do with a living dead girlfriend? And how will his decision impact the plans of the park’s Powers-That-Be?