Oklahoma arthist creates Midwestern vigilante with ‘Hooligan’


Tulsa comic-book artist Dustin Evans has launched a new comic-book series, “Hooligan.” The first issue of the digital comic, published by Viper Comics, is available on iTunes and Amazon.com.

Rex in "Hooligan." Viper Comics. <b></b>

Rex in “Hooligan.” Viper Comics.

“‘Hooligan’ is a Midwestern, antihero, sci-fi epic with a dash of horror,” Evans said in an email interview. “I jokingly call Hooligan a Midwestern Batman, but that’s actually pretty accurate. It’s a story of a real person that has no super powers.”

Hooligan is actually Rex, a father and husband who is struggling to keep his farm afloat during the current economic turmoil.

“When something strange begins happening in his hometown, and everything precious to him is threatened, Rex takes matters into his own hands with vigilante justice with a persona that becomes known as ‘Hooligan,’” Evans said.