The Middleman Returns to Comics With Crowdfunded Campaign


If you’ve never heard of The Middleman, consider it the smartest genre-savvy spin on action heroes and weird mystery that you’ve never experienced — for shame. It started out in 2004 as a series of graphic novels, written by Javier Grillo-Marxuach and drawn by Les McClaine. In 2008, it became a television show for one glorious season on ABC family before disappearing into the ether. Grillo-Marxuach and McClaine put together a final comic, wrapping up the show’s last storyline in 2009, and moved on to other projects.

But the fans never forgot–and neither did The Middleman‘s creators. “It’s not on Netflix, it’s not on Hulu, and yet people find it, and they really love the show,” Grillo-Marxuach told WIRED.

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