“Nightmares In Oz” an independent horror thriller film


“Nightmares In Oz” an independent horror thriller film, based on the graphic novel by Viper Comics.

What Is The Project? 

“Nightmares In Oz will be a short film”. The plot begins in Osmann Grove, Kansas. The perfect place for college kids on Spring Break to go for a quiet camping vacation. But Osmann Grove has secrets that go back many generations; and for the campers, this will be a trip that none of them forget. Well at least the ones who survive the mysterious homicidal Scarecrow.

From shot composition, lighting, sound, and effects Nightmares In Oz will feature a professional level of the cinema art. Professional actors will be casted, original music will be composed, and a high quality of cinematography, effects, and camera work will be showcased.

What we have 

As film students, we own cameras, professional software and various equipment ourselves.  This takes a great load out of the budget.  We also have access to the sound stages and back lots to our school, as well as the lights and grip equipment.  Many students have offered there time and professional experience to help, this relieves us from many expenses.  The rest is on us, and this is why we need your help!

Risks and challenge

The movie will challenge us in all aspects from field production to each department, make-up, interior and exterior design, acting, literature, music, sound design, graphic design, fashion, and much more. By covering every step in preproduction, we need a vast source of talent and time from many students and professionals. . Luckily, we are film students and have hands on experience, and within this film we shall overcome any obstacles.

Our film shares the risks that all major and minor productions do, however with proper funding and support of our backers and fans, any challenge can be achieved. Cinema forces critical problem solving and flexibility, but with our trained crew, we will see this project through.