Space Circus gets Broken


Frontier that is,

Viper’s Space Circus delivers zany, appropriately Pixar-esque antics in a formulaic (but fun) all-ages package.

Guys, I have bad news. I won’t draw this out or try to sugarcoat it. Profits are down, and people just aren’t as interested in clowns and acrobats as they used to be…. We’re going to have to close the circus.

It’s a familiar formula, and realizing that is key to enjoying Viper Comics’ Space Circus. This book was originally written as a screenplay (by Universal Soldier writer Richard Rothstein), and it’s easy to see how it could have easily made the transition from the page to the big screen. Four-armed Cosmo Nidditch, son of a high-ranking military officer, wants more than anything to be a clown, and his parents react with predictable disapproval. Far from eager to bow to their wishes and follow in his warrior father’s footsteps, Cosmo runs away to join the (space) circus.

spacecircus_coverIt’s there that he meets Rollo, an alien stuck, along with Cosmo himself, washing dishes, hanging out on the sidelines while others take the spotlight. No sooner has Cosmo arrived, though, than Mr. Cyrus, the circus’s owner, announces that the circus is closing down. People just aren’t showing up as much as they used to; things are bad, and nothing can be done to save the circus’s falling prospects. Nothing… except maybe an act like the Berrendo Brothers, the famous clown act of years gone by.