Pullbox Reviews: Space Circus – An awesome all-ages adventure!


Pullbox Reviews: Space Circus – An awesome all-ages adventure!

Space Circus is another great all-ages project to come out of Viper Comics.  Space Circus is a family-friendly book that is a very original story that embraces familiar themes.  During the course of this 70 page graphic novel, the authors create a well-mixed synthesis of teenage rebellion, “Everyone has value“, “Getting the band back together” and “Follow your Dreams”.

The set-up is that young Cosmo is driven to find his own path as an entertainer, looking to make people smile rather than follow the career of his father, a well-intentioned but driven military type.  He literally runs away to the circus, only to find that the Great Intergalactic Space Circus of his dreams is on its last legs.  They are having financial issues and they need new audiences.  Now, Cosmo starts on a quest to find legends of a generation past to help revitalize his dream.  Along the way to resurrect the glory that was once the Intergalactic Traveling Space Circus, he collects a group of misfit-type friends, an unexpected love interested and the key to resurrect the Circus to it’s former glory!